No Waist Fashion CaMpaign

Organisation Personality:









Ideas for the Organisation’s name:

Sequins (Sequence implies continuity, conveying the idea of a repetitive cycle)

No Waist (A pun for no waste)

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 12.26.08
Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 12.26.55

Utilising the universal language of swiping (inspired by Tinder), the user can swipe right/left until they form an outfit they like.

logo design-01.png
final logos-01.png

The stacking of the logo represents the top and bottom of an outfit as the colours and textures of the 2 layers can vary. its versatility and simplicity match the dated Microsoft style that many are familiar with.

final logos-02.png
mens poster 2.png
womens poster 2-01.png
mens poster 1-01.png

No Waist is a made-up fashion organisation that aims to inspire people, predominantly young adults within the 18-25 age group, to support sustainable fashion and to experiment with easy everyday outfits, using the organisation’s platform.

The main animation is an advert to promote the organisation's platform, introducing clothes swapping and the idea of finding the desired outfit through swiping like tinder. the second animation is an Instagram story to advertise No Waist's next clothes swap event. 

women 1 poster-01.png