Sky Nature Channel Branding

Brand roots:

Sky has a track record for genre focused channels, channel will offer dedicated home for nature content

An inspiring world: the beauty and wonder of the natural world

The channel is in the entertainment space, not a campaign brand

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Consumer Insight:

"I want to be taken on a journey to learn more and be inspired. Watching nature programs takes me to amazing places I might never get to see and gets me closet to the drama of the natural world. They remind me that our world is worth saving."

Brand Values:







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Nature Never Sleeps is a concept based on the circadian rhythm. Continuity is this project's main focus, as Sky Nature is a 24-hour channel. the channel is divided into 3 x 8-hour intervals. Showing the beauty of nature through colours, each interval is allocated a relevant colour (Orange/green/blue).

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the concept of this project places great importance on the versatility of the channel's style. the colours were picked so that the logo compliments all of the nature-related photographs and footage. 

The looping ident resembles going into a jungle. its aim is to captivate the audience and make them feel like there is a surprise waiting for them at the end.

the menu bed displays the relevant colours according to the times. it was designed to animate so that the audience is kept entertained.

to extend this concept, the visuals presented on the channel's ident can be altered according to seasons, holidays and more.

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